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Even if a lot of males would date a blonde beauty over a brunette escort at any time of the day, the brunette escort girls of the UK is still seeing a great future ahead. This means that you don’t have to bleach your hair blonde just to get ahead with the competition. Many natural brunette escorts these days are choosing to be one of the pretty blonde women simply because they think that men would prefer them more if they look that way.

The market for brunette escorts is a little different from the blonde bunnies. While blondes are always associated with the popular Playboy Playmates, many men would still choose to date brunette escort girls for certain occasions. Survey shows that men would take a charming brunette escort to a corporate event, a family gathering, or to a wedding as a date than a stunning blonde. This is the particular market that brunettes can pounce on.

So escorts actually have great choices here. If you would rather be an intimate moment provider to your client, being the sexy busty blonde is the perfect way to be. With your beautiful face and perfect figure, it would be hard for clients not to find sensual pleasures in your company.
On the other hand, if you’re the type of escort who would like to be an outdoor companion to your man, like a dinner partner, a party date, or a travel buddy, being brunette and beautiful is good enough. Sure, there could be lesser demands for the type of service that you can offer. But if you add some sensual experiences into the package as well, clients would surely prefer you more than the prettiest blonde of any agency.

Brunette Manchester escorts have their own following, no doubt about it. Success doesn’t rely in the color of your hair but in the level of ecstasy that you leave your clients with.

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